Remembering John Kenny

John Kenny is one of the many unsung heroes of the Easter Uprising. As the 100-year anniversary of the Uprising approaches, it’s time to make his story known.
From his role in the infamous Catalpa Rescue, to his support for land reform – in America by sponsoring Irish reformers and in Ireland by secretly channeling funds to the outlawed Land League; to his unfailing support of Irish culture, history and language; to his daring secret mission during war-torn Europe to secure the guns for the Uprising, Kenny’s life was one of single-minded devotion to Irish freedom. This devotion came at a price: his personal life suffered as a result. He was never able to return to Ireland after his 1914 mission, and died bereft of family and country in 1924.

This blog is part of an effort to spread his story, and to commemorate his dedication to and sacrifices for Irish freedom. His story will be posted, along with related stories of the contributions made by the Irish rebels in New York who played such a large role in shaping Irish history.

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Please feel free to contribute to his story.


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